Manual Specimen Cutting Machine

Manual cutting machine is designed and manufactured according to an introduced and advanced technology of cutting actions, the health and safety of European Economic Community standard. This machine includes cutting system, lighting system, cooling system and cleaning system. Super cooling system can avoid specimen from burning while cutting. Imported gate style safety switch and explosion proof hood afford the safe guarantee for operators. Scientific design of pull bar makes cutting action ease-to-use. It combines new cutting technology, high ability and convenience in one. This series is the ideal option for colleges, car manufacturing, steel manufacturer, material research institutes and so on.

Technical specifications

1. Wide T-slot Bed, special clamping for large samples
2. Cutting capacity of abrasive wheel :∮110mm
3. Coolant tank with 80L capacity
4. Water-jet type cleaning system
5. Isolated lighting system
6. Motor power: 4kw
7. Power supply: 380V 50Hz

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