Precise Specimen Cutting Machine

This machine is designed according to investigation and researches on the market and customers’ requirements. It is used for cutting various types of materials with minimal sample deformation, especially cutting large scale specimen. It represents the advanced level in our country. This machine is suitable for wide hardness range of specimen. It is easy-to-use and on the safe side. It is an ideal option for the lab of factories, science and research institutions and universities.


1. Set up feed rate in advance (0-30mm)
2. Serial precision cut
3. Program control and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with backlighting
4. User defined cutting data-base
5. Two clamp
6. Large and close cutting compartment with imported gate style safety switch
7. Positioning to 2um
8. Built-in Recirculating cooling System
9. Serial cuts to a desired length and thickness

Technical specifications

1. Feed rate: 0-30mm/min (0.1 increments)
2. Abrasive blade diameters: 100mm,125mm,150mm,200mm
3. Maximum work length: X-axis 200mm; Y-axis 90mm
4. Rotate speed: 300-5000rpm
5. Max. cutting diameter: Φ60mm
6. Cutting power: 1100 W
7. Power: 220V 50HZ

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