Metallography Automatic Specimen Grinding & Polishing Machine

Main features:

  • Pneumatic loading, digital displaying rotating speed
  • Load pressure & specimen making time are adjustable
  • Grinding & polishing disks have two functions: two-level constant speeds & stepless speed changing
  • Grinding & polishing head can be set to stepless speed changing status.
  • Equipped with beautiful appearance glass fibre reinforced plastic machine shell and full stainless steel parts which never rust.
  • Equipped with grinding & polishing disks which can be changed swiftly and multi-specimen clamping holder.
  • Central pressure loading.
  • Automatic and big volume feeding system of grinding materials.
  • It is available to process several specimens at same time.
  • One-key restoring program function

Technical specifications

  • Grinding & polishing disks rotating speed: 50-600rpm (stepless speed changing) or 150/300 rpm (two-level constant speed)
  • Loading range: 1-225N
  • Specimen preparing time: 0-9999 seconds
  • Diameter of grinding & polishing disks: Ø250mm
  • Power supply: 220V/50Hz
  • Dimensions: 660 × 380 × 640 mm
  • Net weight: 45 KG
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