Coarse Belt Surface Grinding Machine

This machine is of new generation design, made according to international standard and advanced process technique. Grinding and polishing the specimens with belt. You can change the different belts in easy and efficient way. The machine can replace those grinding wheel machine and pre-grinder. It adopts manual abrasive paper grinding and each belt can finish operation within 1-2 minutes. It is economical to save time, effort  and abrasive paper if grinding the spectroscopy specimens.

Technical specifications

1. The distance between two roller’s center: 274mm
2. Water cooling system and dust separation plant
3. Belt: 1003 x 100mm (L x W)
4. Rotating speed: 1400rpm
5. Surface speed: 768mpm
6. Motor: 750w
7. Power: 380V 50HZ
8. Dimensions: 580 x 600 x 980 mm
9. Grinding size: 220 x 120mm

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