Salt Spray Tester


A series Salt spray tester  is one kind of artifical environmental testing equipment, it produces a corroding environment in the chamber and thus, parts in it are attacked under this severe corroding atmosphere. It’s an important apparatus to check the certain parts suitability and reliability, commonly used in mechanical, national defense, light industry, electronic, instruments etc.  This tester can be used to execute solution as NSS (Neutral Salt Spray), as well as ASS (Acetic acid Salt Spray).


This tester conform with CNS, ASTM, JIS and ISO standard, used to test the corrosion resistance performance of different material after protective finish like coating, electroplate, anti-rust oil.

1. Adopt overall detection system, the light will be open if any malfunction
2. Inner side by means of advanced solid enforce technology, robust structure, no deformation;
3. Auto/manual watering system to add into water when volume below water level line;
4. Precise glass nozzle, ensure no crystal jam in 4000 hours;
5. Comprehensive operation panel, easy to operate;
6. Over temperature protection, alarm when below water level;
7. Imoprted temperature controller, digital display, PID control, high stability platinum temperature probe;
8. Steam heating  mode, high heating rate;
9. Matched cone dispenser on spray nozzle, with function of transmit fog, adjust fog volume and fog uniform falling.


1. Testing Methods : NSS, ACSS, CASS
2. Inside Dimension (WxHxD) : 600 x 450 x 400 / 900 x 500 x 600 / 1200 x 850 x 500mm
3. Outside Dimension ( WxHxD): 1420x1280x780mm
4. Temperature range : 35±1oC or 50±1oC
5. Volume : 108 / 270 / 480 liters
6. Test Specimen : 150 fits 48 pcs ( 150x70mm )300 fits 30 pcs ( 150x70mm )
7. Solution Tank capacity : 15 / 30 / 40 liter
8. Testing Time : 180 Hrs
9. Power Consumption : 220V 1PH 50HZ / 380V 3PH 50HZ

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