Aging Oven


Aging oven is used for air oven aging test of rubber products, electric insulation and other materials. Digital display temperature control, PID auto-regulation temperature control instrument, optional set of working temperature from room to 200℃, automatic constant temperature. The box is equipped with blower motor to make hot air convect forcibly, in order to do fast aging test under constant temperature. Main unit structure, instrument and materials are carefully designed after studying air stream and temperature in the box. It has following advantages:  sensitive temperature control, good temperature uniformity, large useful space and stable property.


1. Maximum Operation Temperature: 200℃
2. Control Fluctuation: ±1℃
3. Temperature Uniformity: ±1%
4. Ventilation Volume: 0—100times/hour
5  Wind Speed: <0.5m/s
6. Workroom Size: 450mm×450mm×450mm
7. Shape Size: 1020×580×745
8. Heater Amount: 2
9. Fan Power: 40W
10. Voltage: 220V
11. Power: 1.8KW
12. Net Weight: 180kg

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