Geer Aging Oven


The Geer’s Aging Oven  is designed to test a wide range of materials including: Plastic, Rubber,Films, Packaging materials, Textiles, Leather, Adhesives, Medical products and components aging simulation of temperature and air refresh. Through advanced technology and quality engineering has produced this Geer’s Aging Oven which is accurate and easy to use. Powerful as a stand alone unit, the oven capability is enhanced by the functionality of connecting it direct to a standard recorder and obtain a comprehensive test report .The Geer’s Aging Oven can be used in laboratory and factory environments.


1. Temperature control uses P.I.D automatic SCR current injector controller.
2. Warning signal of trouble is available by the multiple protection loop circuits.
3. Specially designed bypass air vent makes the temperature equally distributed in the oven
4. Perfect airtight designed for optimum air circulation evenly without air-leak. With auto fine tuning.
5. Air Discharge conforms to UL Standard.


1. Maximum Operation Temperature: 200℃ / 300℃
2. Control Fluctuation: ±1℃
3. Temperature Uniformity: ±1%
4. Ventilation Volume: 0—100times/hour
5. Air Refresh : 1 – 200 times /Hr ( PAT Time )
6. Wind Speed: <0.5m/s
7. Workroom Size: 450mm×450mm×450mm
8. Shape Size: 1020×580×745
9. Heater Amount: 2
10. Fan Power: 40W
11. Voltage: 220V
12. Power: 1.8KW
13. Net Weight: 180kg

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