Moving Die Rheometer

Characteristics and Usage:

The machine complies with ASTM D5289, ISO6502, GB T16584 ‘Rubber—Moving Die Rheometer to Test Vulcanizing Characteristic’ requirement, ISO6520 requirement and standard requirement of T10, T30, T50, T60, T90 data. The machine is used for testing characteristics of unvulcanized rubber, and finds the best time for vulcanizing of the rubber. The machine adopts imported intelligent digital temperature control instrument. Simply setting, wide control range and high precision, it is better than rotor rheometer in stableness, reproduction and accuracy. Computer control, collection, storage, disposal and printing with interface board, functions are more numerous. High automation, curve contrast and enlargement. Windows series operating platform, software interface of graphic image, more precise in data processing. It is simple, fast and flexible to operate, and convenient to maintain.

Technical Parameters:

  • Standard : ASTM D5289/ISO 6502/GB T16584
  • Temperature Control Range: room temperature—200℃
  • Temperature Fluctuation Range: ±0.1℃
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃
  • Heating Rate: achieve balance in 10min from door temperature to 200℃
  • Torque unit: Kg-cm,lb-in,N-m
  • Force Moment: 0N.m–5N.m
  • Time Setting Range: 3min–120min optional select
  • Rotor Swinging Angle: ±0.5 (amplitude 1)
  • Power Consumption: 800W
  • Power: 220V±10% 50HZ
  • Shape Dimension: 640mm×580mm×1300mm
  • Net Weight: 210kg
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