Grips & Fixtures


The MTS Fundamental TM family includes basic, affordable accessories for standard monotonic testing of metals, polymers, construction materials, composites, wood and paper products, fibers and textiles, adhesives and coatings, foam and more. These accessories feature a universal adapter design and optional threaded frame adapters to facilitate quick and easy installation onto both electromechanical and static-hydraulic systems. Anti-rotation features and integrated alignment pins enhance test accuracy and repeatability.

Applications: Metal, Rubble, Plactics, Wood, Copper, Aluminium, Polymer, Laminates, Paper, Cable Wire, Textiles, Crimp and welded joints, Films, Composites, Flexible sheet materials and etc.

Tensile Grip:

  • Wedge Grip
  • Webbing Grip
  • Plane Grip
  • Vice Clamp
  • Pinch Grip
  • Pneumatic Grip
  • Test Hooks Grip
  • Screw Side Grip
  • Parallel Jaw Grip
  • Cable Cam Grip
  • Circular Bollard Grip
  • Hydraulic Wedge Grip
  • Mechanical Wedge Grip
  • Spring Loaded Fold Grip
  • Spring Loaded Eccentric Grip
  • Self-tightening Grip (Scissors Type)
  • Self-tightening Grip (Serrated Eccentric Roller Type)

Compression Testing Fixtures:

  • Compression Platen (Universal)
  • 3 Point Bend Flexure
  • 4 Point Bend Flexure
  • Foam Compression Fixture
  • Peel Test Fixture
  • Puncture Test Fixture

Adaptors and Brackets:

  • Grip Adaptors
  • Grip Brackets
  • Custom-made

Grip Jaws Insert:

  • Flat
  • Round
  • V-Type
  • Custom-made

Interface Cables:

  • LoadCell Cable
  • Interface Cable
  • PC Cable
  • Servo Cable
  • Sensor Cable
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