JG-6004 Mooney Viscometer

JG-6004Equipment Usage

  • JG-6004 Mooney Viscometer is suitable for the determination of various kinds of unvulcanized natural rubber, synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber Mooney viscosity, the scorch time and curing index.


  • High precision sensors: 0 ~ 200 Mooney values. Mooney accuracy is within ±0.5 Mooney values. Resolution: 1/10 Mooney values.
  • Control system: Adopting computer control and touch screen + PLC control module for data collection, storage, processing and printing test results and curve processing, testing process curve comparison and curve comparison function.
  • Rotating system: The gear deceleration LI – MING Machinery import speed control motor + gear reducer, gear.
  • Temperature control system: Adopting intelligent digital temperature control instrument, Automatism adjust PID control parameters in real time.
  • Data transmission mode: RS232 Transmission
  • Display mode: TY Viscosity + WIN7 test software of computer screen and high resolution touch screen man-machine interface. The whole measurement is made very convenient, fast and accurate.
  • The rotor: Cr6wv material, high strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Measurement and control method: Humanized measurement and control mode, mouse click-to-use or touch screen touch dual operation modes.
  • Lighting system: LED light source, the mold opening is automatically opened, and the mold clamping is automatically closed.
  • Protection system: 5mm acrylic protective cover, automatically open or close following the opening and closing mode state, the power is automatically turned off.
  • Mooney viscosity meter intelligent software, provide a powerful data query function, humanized design, convenient operation. With automatic calibration device, data is calibrated automatic before every experiment.

Conform To The Standards

  • GB/T 1232 Unvulcanized rubber Mooney viscometer measurement.
  • GB/T 1233 Rubber compound – Determination of initial vulcanization characteristics – Mooney viscometer
  • ISO289 non vulcanized rubber – Measured by shear disk viscometer
  • ISO667 rubber vulcanization characteristics of the early determination of Mooney viscosity meter method.
  • ASTM D1646 DIN 53525 JIS k6300

JG-6004 Parameters

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