JG-7006 Hot Press Machine


Equipment Usage:

JG-7006 Hot Press Machine, this machine equipped with PLC program control color touch screen (also has conventional LED digital common model), man machine interface operating system, can set pressure, temperature, time, and exhaust time, vulcanization process display and monitoring. The molding program is fully automatic, advance abd reliable. The raw materials is place in the mold, placed on a electric heating plate, and pressure is applied at a rated temperature to shape the raw materials for testing, and as a basic for mass production for the ingredient in the factory. the PLC adopts a more precise linear voltage regulator module, which makes the output voltage and the control voltage (current) proportional adjust linearly. The temperature rise process no longer has over-temperature phenomenon, which makes the temperature accuracy between ± 2ºC and stabilizes. Accuracy of 0.3ºC, the heating device adopts Y-shapes structure (star method), completely solves the there-phase electric load imbalance cause by conventional manufacture, the heating process voltage regulation maintain the power supply mode, prolongs the life of the heating device and improve the precision.

Typical Application:

  • Raw material gel (fisheyes), black spot, stains, etc.
  • Raw material tableting, color matching, mixing, sample preparation
  • Physical property test
  • Material development

JG-7006 TS


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