JG-7007 Double Roll Mill


Equipment Usage:

JG-7007 Double Roll Mill is suitable for plasticizing and dispersing of engineering plastic raw materials, pigment masterbatch, rubber and various plastics. The machine adopts water cooling or electric heating and heat medium heating system. The roller is made of high-hardness steel and is mirror-chromed. The roller pitch can be adjusted. It adopts reliable there-dimensional safety protection device, which is sturdy and durable, evenly mixed and the roller heating temperature is uniform and the temperature is lowered rapidly.

Performance characteristics:

HRC60 mirror chrome plated, the heating rate is form normal temperature to 200ºC for about 25 min, the speed can be adjucted according to the fixed speed, the ratation direction can be changed, the safety protection device is; the level parking, emergency stop, knee top reversal stop, etc. the way

Typical Application:

  • Raw material mixing, color test, tableting
  • Color matching test
  • Soft hardness test
  • Test stabilizer
  • Physical test
  • Chemical test
  • Various special ingredients
  • Small production operation

JG-7007 TS


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