JG-4020A (Charpy) / JG-4021A (Izod) – Digital Display Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

TY-4020ATY-4021A Crop 摆锤式冲击试验机

Equipment Usage:

  • JG-4020A Digital Display Pendulum Impact Testing Machine – Charpy, JG-4021A Digital Display Pendulum Impact Testing Machine – Izod, suitable for plastic and hard rubber, glass steel, fiberglass, reinforced plastic, electrical insulation materials, glass ceramics, floor tiles, friction materials, simpy supported beams, cantilever beam impact test.

Conform To The Standards:

  • GB/T 1043 – 93 “Hard plastic beam impact test method”
  • GB/T 1843 – 1996 “Plastic cantilever beam impact test method”
  • JB/T 8761 – 1998 “Plastic cantilever beam impact test”
  • JB/T 8762 – 1998 “Plastic beam impact testing machine”
  • ISO 179 : 1993 “Plastics – Determination Of Charpy Impact Properties”
  • ISO 180 : 2000 “Plastics – Determination Of Izod Impact Strength”
  • GB/T 18743 – 2002 “Fluid with thermoplastic pipe transmission beam impact test method test method” (that is applicable to pipe impact)


  • Use imported high-precision ball bearings to effectively reduce pendulum energy loss.
  • Adopts high-precision photoelectric to avoid the energy loss caused by the friction of the pointer. The equipment is easy to operate and easy to use.
  • Use carbon fiber impact pendulum to reduce the error caused by its own quality factor.
  • Multi pendulums and corresponding supports can be added and replaced easily.
  • It can be equipped with safety protection net to improve the safety performance of the test machine.
  • Equipment with a dedicated LCD display for intuitive and accurate display of shock absorption energy, no need to read data from the dial, no reading error, high accuracy, high efficiency.
  • Built-in energy loss correction function, the test result is more accurate.
  • Use the printer to print out the test report.
  • Customized version can be added to the software for use with the computer.

Technical Specifications:

JG-4020A  JG-4021A

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