JG-8008 Automatic Drop Hammer Impact Testing Machine

JG-8008 Crop

Equipment Usage:

  • JG-8008 Automatic Drop Hammer Impact Testing Machine suitable for measuring the external impact resistance of thermoplastic pipes or various non-metallic pipes and plates (including various non-metallic materials such as plastics, ceramics, nylon, building materials, etc.) Testing equipment for impact performance testing.

Conform To The Standards:

  • GB/T 14152 – 2001 “Thermoplastic pipe outside impact resistance test method for clockwise rotation method.”
  • GB/T 10002.1 – 2006 “Water supply with rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC – U) pipes of drop hammer parts.”
  • GB 6112 – 1985 “Thermoplastic pipe and fitting impact resistance performance of the test method (drop).”
  • GB/T 5836.1 – 2006 “Building drainage with rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC – U) pipe.”
  • GB/T 16800 – 1997 “Drainage with core layer foamed rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC – U) pipe.”


  • Worktable can be adjustment with sample automatic to zero position, automatic lifting function.
  • It has anti-secondary impact device, which can automatically prevent the secondary impact of the hammer body from the elastic force of the sample after the first impact is completed.
  • The lifting mechanism is driven by induction brake motor, chain drive, and the lifting is stable and reliable.
  • Imported PLC is used as the control component to control the height of the hammer and automatically detect the height of the hammer head.
  • The equipment can be automatically positioned, automatic zero position, automatic lifting hammer, automatic hammer after impact, high degree of automatic, easy to operate.
  • Using the standard polished rod as the guiding device, the resistance of the hammer falling is small.
  • Can be equipped with safety protection devices to ensure safe operation.


Technical Specifications:


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