JG-7028 (3 Channels) Hydrostatic Pressure And Burst Testing Machine

The Hydrostatic Pressure And Burst Testing Machine is in full compliance with the requirements of International standards, and is applicable to the hydrostatic and pipe blasting tests of various plastic pipes for fluid. Products with beautiful appearance, simple structure, high precision, good stability, easy to operate and other characteristics, is a variety of institute quality testing departments and tube manufacturers necessary testing instruments.

JG-7028 (TY-7028) 3 Channel

Conform To The Standard:

  • GB/T6111—2003, GB/T15560—1995, GB/T18742.1—2002, GB/T18742.2—2002, GB/T18742.3—2002, GB/T13663—2000, GB/T15558.1—2003, GB/T18992.1—2003, GB/T18992.2—2003, GB/T10002.1—1996, GB/T10002.2—1996, GB/T18993.1—2003, GB/T18993.2—2003, GB/T18992.1—2003, GB/T18997.1—2003, GB/T18997.2—2003, ASTM D1598, ASTM D1599


Features: Machine has two forms

  • Continuous barrier-free operation ensures the integrity of the test.
  • The branches are independent and easy to operate and maintain.
  • Separately equipped with a pressurized water tank, the use of pure water through the main pressure pump to the pipe sample filling pressure, to ensure the water quality in the pipeline, improve the pipeline parts (such as solenoid valve, needle valve, globe valve, one-way valve) service life.
  • Using the independently developed, unique, pulse duty ratio supplementary voltage technology, the booster link and the supplementary voltage link will be combined into one, reducing a branch and devices, also reduce the probability of device damage.
  • Using the plunger pump made in Taiwan, the noise is low, the filling pressure is fast, the working time is short, which indirectly improves the service life of the plunger pump.
  • On the basis of instrument control with PC (that is, calculator), the use of serial port and instrument connection.
  1. Can draw pressure time curve
  2. Real-time query at time point pressure value of
  3. Can print statements
  4. Can replace manual duty, when unattended (such a at night) automatically record the pressure value.
  5. The calculator machine can stop working at any time, the meter still continues to work.
  6. The latest version of hydrostatic software in 2015 is included in the selection of PC.


Description of Equipment Composition:
This testing machine is composed of pressure control system, pressure source, constant temperature medium box, fixture and computer.

  • Pressure control system in the control cabinet by the pressure pipeline and electrical control two parts. The pressurized pipeline is composed of accumulator, solenoid valve, one-way valve, filter, manual needle valve, connecting pipeline and other parts. The electrical control part is composed of digital pressure control pressure gauge, temperature control instrument, pressure sensor, solenoid valve, relay overheating protector, various switches and soon.
  • The pressure source is used to provide total pressure to the main pressure system under test conditions.
  • The constant temperature medium box is mainly composed of a box body, a circulating pump, a heater and a temperature control system. The cabinet is composed of a stainless steel liner, a plastic-sprayed outer shell (or stainless steel), an insulation layer, a sample holder and a box cover.
  • The fixture is A type, the unique design test fixture disassembly is more convenient. Wedge type with thread clamping device for greater clamping force. This series of jig has characteristics of reasonable structure, fast clamping speed, reliable sealing and convenient disassembly.
  • Lenovo computer set, connect with the control cabinet through the serial port.


Operating Principle:

  • Set the control pressure and range of the main pressure instrument, so that the pressure source provide 2 – 3MPa higher than the maximum pressure of the branch is stored in the accumulator.
  • The test pressure was calculated according to the ring stress requirement of the sample, and the control pressure and range of the branch pressure instrument were set accordingly. When the set pressure is reached, the supplementary pressure stage is entered.
  • According to the instrument data, the solenoid valve is intermittently operated during the filling pressure stage, so that the pressure in the pressure source accumulator can be added into the sample.
  • When the pressure of the pressure source drops to the set pressure lower limit, the plunger pump starts working until the upper limit stops.
  • The machine has the functions of running, stopping, leakage warning, rupture identification, etc. When the sample leaks or breaks, it will automatically alarm and shut down the circuit. Other tests will continue to run normally until the test is completed. In the same type of models with excellent performance and price, is an ideal substitute for imported products.
  • This machine has a serial port and can be outfitted with a calculator, drawing pressure time curve, can real-time query pressure control valve, can print out the report, can replace the manual duty, when the calculator machine stops working, the meter can still continue to work. But the calculator machine does not directly control the solenoid valve, must pass the instrument control, the instrument cannot stop working when the test. In the process of doing the test, the calculator can also be closed at any time to do other business, the host normal work. When the host computer is connected with the calculator, the host computer will automatically transfer the data to the calculator machine without any impact on the test.
  • The heating in the main tank can ensure the life of the heating pipe, and the extracorporeal circulation can make the water temperature in the tank even. Hot type constant temperature medium tank (without refrigeration, temperature control range for room temperature to 95ºC) and refrigeration heating type (namely for refrigeration, temperature control range of 15-95ºC) two specifications.


Technical Specifications:

JG-7028 (Channels)

JG-7028 Clamping Outer_Fixture_Grip

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