JGLX Shore A/C/D Durometer

JGLX-A Rubber Hardness Tester Crop邵氏硬度计-

Equipment Usage:

  • JGLX Shore A/C/D test the hardness of vulcanized rubber and plastic products.
  • JGLX Shore A – Material – General rubber, soft plastic, rubber roll, rubber hose, used below D 20
  • JGLX Shore C – Material – Hard rubber, golf ball, brake rubber for bicycle
  • JGLX Shore D – Material – Hard rubber, plastic, ebonite, uesd above A 90

Conform To The Standards:

  • GB/T531
  • GB2411
  • HG/T2489
  • JB6148


  • The head of the hardness meter is installed on the bench, easy and accurate measurement, the hardness meter also can be removed to measure at the production site.

Technical Specifications:


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