Charpy Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

(JG) Charpy Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

Equipment Usage:

  • Charpy Pendulum Impact Testing Machine is designed to determine the performance of impact resistance to the metallic materials on dynamic load; it can continuously and massively impact  the specimens, display the absorbed energy, impact strength and the rotation angle of the pendulum, the test report can be printed out. It is widely applied into the following industries: manufacturer of metal material, quality control of products, institutes and colleges.

Automatic Sample Feeding


  • Automatically feeding the samples to the impact Position center for consecutive impact test after cooling the samples by the low temperature chamber system.

Technical Features:

  • This automatic sample feeding system can hold 40 pieces sample at one time for consecutive feeding.
  • Ambient temperature to -110ºC
  • Pneumatic actuation allows elimination of subjective influence through the high positioning accuracy of the automatic specimen feeding.
  • Reproducibility of the testing requirements even over a long operation time, no influences through different operators.
  • Smoothly connected to impact testing machine, fully automatic, labor-saving, high productivity and safe.


  • The main frame and base plate is integral structure, which has high stability and stiffness.
  • The pendulum body is round shape, it can maximally reduce the wind resistance. The impact striker is easy to change.
  • The pendulum hanging is buffering designed, which can avoid the self-impact and self-damage, also it can reduce the noise from the pendulum hanging.
  • Double-grade reducer designed with simple structure.
  • Three ways to display the testing data simultaneously, which can compare to each other for the accuracy.
  • Sample collecting device-after the impact, this device can collect the impacted samples automatically, which maximally protect the safety of the operator.
  • The load frame has a safety enclosure, which can prevent operator’s body from entaring dangerous  area and avoid operator be hurt from specimen fragment.
  • The machine is controlled by the PLC system, which makes sure the high accuracy of the testing data and high stability of the whole system.
  • Optional automatic specimen feeding system is available. Combined with computer and software, fully automatic operation can be realized.
  • Optional cooling chamber is available.

Technical Specifications:

JG-300J Paramaters






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