JG-205 Impact Specimen Gap Projector

JG-205 (CST-50) Impact Specimen Gap Projector

Equipment Usage:
JG-205 Type Impact Specimen Gap Projector, based on the practical requirement of the domestic customer and according to the demand of impact specimen gap in GB/T 229-2007 , it is the special equipment which checks the Charpy V-type and U-type gaps precision. The instrument magnifies impact specimen gap’s outline and projects it onto screen to compare with standard sample drawing of the impact specimen V-type or U-type gaps. This helps to examine whether the tested impact specimen gap is qualified or not. Which can meet American standard and European standard ASTM E23-02a, EN 10045, ISO 148, ISO 83 and so on.

This machine only needs electrical source and is easy to operate. The screen of this testing equipment has visible graduation and labels tolerance zone, angle value, depth line. So you can read the gap error accurately and it can satisfy ASTM E23-02a and some other international standard. We can manufacture projectors which satisfy the demand for testing 3mm or 5mm gap according to clients’ requests.

Technical Specifications:

JG-205 Parameters

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