JG-208 Impact Specimen Gap (Three Knives) Power-Driven Broaching Machine

JG-208 (CSL-B) (Three Knives)

Impact specimen gap broaching machine is necessary and special equipment of metallurgy, pressure vessel, vehicles and vessels, construction machinery manufacture industries and departments of science & research. So far this kind of machine includes impact specimen gap hydraulic broaching machine (double knives), impact specimen gap power-driven broaching machine (double knives), impact specimen gap power-driven broaching machine (three knives), impact specimen gap manual broaching machine (single knife), and so on. This product satisfies GB/T229-2007 which also can satisfy American standard, European standard like ASTM E23-02a, EN10045, ISO148, ISO83 and other international standards.



  • It adopts high precision ball screw drive and linear guide track for support. This structure ensure stability of the broach and geometric precision of gap.
  • It makes use of the principle of one-time-molding. Its processing identity is very good. It can assure gap 100 percent qualified.
  • The broaching knife is made of import W18Cr4V material. Its hardness is high and its wear-resistance is excellent. Each broaching knife can process up to 20,000 specimens.
  • It is equipped with double-pole and processes three specimen gaps simultaneously with a three ‘V’ type or three ‘U’ type. (deep 2mm) (also two ‘V’ and one ‘U’ type or two ‘U’ and one ‘V’ type), this product satisfies national standard GB/T 229-2007 <Metallic materials-Charpy notch impact test> which can impact three specimen in a set of test, it can ensure unitarity of specimen gap.
  • Whether processing ‘V’ or ‘U’ notch, the pole do not need changing.
  • Processing specimen gap only needs 10 seconds, easy operation and reliable.


Technical Specifications:

JG-208 Parameters

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