JG-40A Steel Bar Positive And Negative Bending Test Machine

JG-40A (YG-40A) Steel Bar Positive and Negative Bending Test Machine


  • JG-40A The steel bar bending test machine is the steel bar for Panels Test equipment for reverse bending test, the device main technical parameter and indicators meet GB/T1499.2-2018 (instead of GB/T1499.2-2007) Steel for reinforced concrete-part 2nd: Hot-rolled ribbed steel bars”, GB/T28900-2012” test method of steel reinforced concrete, YB/T5126-2003 “Test method for flexural and reverse bending of reinforced concrete steel bar” (instead of GB5029-85” test method for horizontal reverse bending of steel bars”) Standard requirements, for steel mills and construction units to test the reverse bending performance of steel bar cannot be less test equipment, at the same time applicable to the construction industry site steel bending, to achieve the test and construction of a dual-machine.
  • JG-40A Type is the original GW-40 Type of replacement products, by replacing different specifications of a machine can be replaced by two machines, for customers to save money. The equipment has a complete performance, good quality and compact structure, small size, simple and easy to grasp, bending angle digital display intuitive, smooth running noise low, the use of reliable life long, reasonable design maintenance easy lubrication and simple characteristics. The device’s limit position change to mechanical limit switch, use more convenient and durable, the design of vulnerable parts is more reasonable and the edge of wearing parts is replaced. In addition, the equipment also increased the photoelectric switch abnormal controller alarm function, to avoid the due to the proximity of the switch acquisition signal problems system non-stop machine and cause equipment damage.
  • Steel bending tester is special equipment for cold bending test and plane reverse bending test of steel bar. Its main technical parameters meet GB1499.2, YB/T5126 and ISO10065: 1900 The rules and requirements for cold bending test and plane reverse bending test are provided. This equipment is ideal test equipment for steel mills and construction units to test bending and bending properties of steel bars. The steel bending tester has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation, intuitive bending angle, easy maintenance, stable running, safe and low noise.


  • Installed on a stable basis, the level of the error should not be greater than 0.5/1000; then Two-phase Three wire system, 50Hz, 220V Power.


Technical Specifications:

JG-40A Parameters


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