JG-300 Paperboard Compression Tester

JG-300 (HH-KY3000)

Equipment Usage:

  • The instrument is mainly used for: ECT, RCT, PAT, FCT, honeycomb cardboard, etc…


  • GB/T 6546, GB/T 6548, GB/T 2679.8, GB/T 2679.6, GB/T 22874, GB/T 6544, ISO 3035, ISO 3037, ISO 7263, TAPPI-T472, T808, T810, T811, T818, JIS-P8126 etc


  • Product using microcomputer automatic control, easy operation, high accuracy, stable and reliable performance.
  • Products using NXP (PHILPS) high performance ARM core processor, the United States Logic Cirrus dual channel 24 bit independent high-speed sampling chip, Japan OMRON electronic components, to ensure accurate sampling and high-speed operation, to ensure the accuracy of the whole.
  • Products using 5.1 inch LCD screen, the English menu operation interface, test: real-time display of the test value, force value change curve and other information.
  • Automatic measurement sample, automatic lock peak, powerful data display and analysis management capabilities, 99 sets of data storage, power down or power data memory function, query function, print function, stroke protection, overload protection, automatic reset, fault alarm, sensor nonlinear correction and other functions, effectively ensure the safety and simplicity of user operation.
  • N, kgf, lbf switching between multiple units of measure, conversion function.
  • Products with high speed micro printer, print content are: test time, test number, test data and related standards set of test indicators.
  • Real time clock, replacing the previous manual input date or manual fill in the date of the tedious operation.


Technical Specifications:

JG-300 Parameters

According to the user’s own needs, choose and purchase related accessories:

  1. ECT: JG-349 ECT(PAT)Sample Cutter
  2. RCT: JG-350 RCT Sample Cutter, JG-355 RCT Accessories
  3. PAT: JG-349 ECT(PAT)Sample Cutter, JG-356 PAT Accessories
  4. FCT: JG-360/JG-361 FCT Sample Cutter
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