JG-355 RCT Accessories (Ring Pressure Center Plate)

JG-355 (HH-ZX13)

Equipment Usage:

  • JG-355 RCT Accessories (Ring Pressure Center Plate) is a special appliance for testing ring crush strength of paper and paperboards, and matched with JG-300 Paperboard Compression Tester and JG-350 RCT Sample Cutter (Ring Crush Sampler).


  • GB/T 2679.8 etc……


  • Products made of stainless steel material, fine workmanship, the use of light, convenient.
  • Using a wide range, a total of 13 central disk, specifications 0.15 ~ 1.00mm, with a different center plate, can be adapted to different thickness of the specimen test.
Technical Specifications:
JG-355 Parameters
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