JG-322 Paperboard Burst Strength Tester

JG-322 (HH-NP5600B)

Equipment Usage:

  • JG-322 Paperboard Burst Strength Tester is a basic instrument for detection of strength performance of boards (namely paper packaging testing instrument). The computer-controlled board bursting strength tester adopts a design of a high-precision sensor and a high-speed processing chip, which ensures the accuracy of sampling. Various performance parameters and technical indexes of the bursting strength tester meet the provision of related national standards, and the bursting strength tester is applicable to the bursting strength tests of carton packaging industry and departments of quality inspection and commercial inspection (the instrument is divided into a manual type and a pneumatic type according to different clamping ways).


  • GB/T1539, GB/T6545, ISO2759, JIS-L1004, L1018, L1031, K6328, P8131, P8112, ASTM-D2210, TAPPIT403……


  • The rupture strength testing machine, high precision, easy operation and reliable performance.
  • The rupture strength testing machine using NXP (Philip) Cirrus high-performance ARM core processor and dual-channel high-speed sampling chip 24-bit independent, to ensure accurate sampling and high-speed computing, effectively guarantee the accuracy of the test.
  • 5.1 inch LCD screen display, Chinese menu interface, test, test the value of real-time display, the curves of samples and other information.
  • Automatic measurement sample, the maximum peak intelligent lock, powerful data management and analysis, 99 sets of data to save, print function, fault alarm and sensor non-linear correction function.
  • kPa, kgf/cm², lbf/in² switching between units.
  • Real-time clock, without having to manually enter a date before printing the date or fill out tedious manual operation.
  • With a miniature printer, display include: test time, test number, test data and related standards for testing targets.
  • Reserved for RS232, USB2.0 communication interface, easy to upgrade to the computer monitoring and control.

Technical Specifications:

JG-322 Parameters

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