JG-304 Drop Tester

JG-304 (HH-DL20)

Equipment Usage:

  • JG-304 Drop Tester is used for professionally testing the damaged situation of packaged products after falling and evaluating the impact strength of contents such as electrical appliances, electronic assembly parts and so on after falling during transportation. It is an indispensable test instrument for detection of carton production units, carton users and quality inspection departments.



  • GB/T4857.5 Packaging – Transport Packages – Vertical Impact Test Method by Dropping
  • ISO2248 Packaging – Complete, Filled Transport Packages – Vertical Impact Test by Dropping



  • The instrument package may face, corner edge for the free drop test.
  • Equipped with digital height indicator and height used to track the decoder, which can give accurate product drop height.
  • The equipment used arm double column structure, with electric reset, electric control and electric lifting devices drop, easy to use.
  • The unique hydraulic cushioning devices greatly improve the machine service life, stability and security.
  • Arm set, can be easily placed on products.


Technical Specifications:

JG-304 Parameters

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