JG-9013 Ozone Resistance Test Chamber

JG-9010 (TY-9010)

Equipment Usage:

  • JG-9013 Ozone Resistance Test Chamber is suitable for aging test of non-metallic and vulcanized rubber products, can simulate the ozone condition in the natural environment, accelerate the aging of rubber products, and quickly evaluate the anti-ozone aging performance of rubber and anti-ozonant protection effect. And then take effective anti-aging measures to extend the service life of rubber products.


  • The inner bladder of the box adopts imported high-grade stainless steel plate, and the outer casing of the box adopts A3 steel plate spray or stainless case, which increases the appearance texture and cleanliness.
  • The box is machined by CNC machine tool, the shape is beautiful and generous, no reaction door handle
  • The heating method is heating body heating, heating up fast, uniform temperature distribution, built-in 360 degree rotating sample holder
  • Silent discharge tube type ozone generator (with low noise, high purity, etc.)
  • Using imported ozone concentration control analyzer, with standard signal output and sampling
  • The temperature controller uses imported digital digital touch button, PID microcomputer SSR temperature controller.

Technical Specifications:

JG-9013 Parameters


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