JG-9011 High And Low Temperature Test Chamber

JG-9010 (TY-9010)

Equipment Usage:

  • This equipment is mainly for electrical and electronic products, as well as its components, and other materials under high temperature, low temperature, damp and hot environment of storage, transportation and use suitability test.
  • It is mainly used for the product according to the national standards or set requirements, users under the condition of experiment, the characteristics of physics and other related products environmental simulation test, and to judge the performance of the products, whether can still meet predetermined requirement, so that for product design, improve, identification and factory inspection.


  • This equipment is mainly composed of box body, refrigerating system, heating system, add wet system, air circulation system and the composition of control system.
  • The body shell to use SUS304 stainless steel hairline board or oil high quality baosteel cold rolled plate electrostatic spraying, middle large observation window, the door is with observation lamp, the user can clearly see the test sample.
  • This equipment adopts the standardized multi-functional design, the program runs and constant operation function. Main controller USES the south Korean import temperature and humidity control instrument, special touch screen LCD display, communication interface, large capacity, simple operation, the user can custom curve of temperature and humidity control for temperature and humidity test. It has heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification independent, unique way of wet BTHC equilibrium temperature and timing function.
  • Impact taikang compressor refrigeration system adopts closed, mechanical single stage refrigeration or complex overlapping cryogenic loop system, automatic control and safety protection coordination system. Stainless steel, nickel chromium plate shape electric heater (small overshoot) external humidification way humidification system, when making low temperature without water, easy to implement and humidity control.

Conform To The Standard:

  • GB 10589 – 89 Low temperature test chamber technology conditions
  • GB 10592 – 89 High and low temperature test chamber technology conditions
  • GB 10586 – 89 Humid heat test box technical conditions
  • GB 11158 – 89 High temperature test chamber technology conditions

Technical Specifications:

JG-9011 Parameters

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