JG-175 Webster Hardness Tester

JG-175 (W-20) Webster Hardness Tester

Features and Applications:

  • Webster Hardness Tester also known as Webster Hardness Pliers, they can be used to test the hardness value of aluminum alloy quickly at the scene of the production.
  • They are the preferred instruments for testing the force of aluminum alloy.
  • With simple operation, JG-175 Webster Hardness Tester can be used to test the hardness value of aluminum alloy, pipe, plate aluminum parts, and other soft metals.
  • Judge whether the aluminum products have the aging or not, and determine the limitation is up to standard.
  • It also can distinguish between different types of aluminum and different aging state.
  • Webster hardness tester is easy to operate, just clamp the work piece, and then read the hardness value directly.
  • It focus on high efficiency and good reliability which conform to the China non-ferrous YS/T420-2000 and American standard ASTM B647-84 (2000).

Technical Specifications:

JG-175 Parameters

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