JG-147 Metallographic Sample Mounting Press

JG-147 (XQ-2B)

Equipment Usage:

  • This machine is designed for the purpose of mounting process of those small, difficult-to-hold or irregular specimens before grinding and polishing. After mounting process, it can facilitate the grinding and polishing of specimen, and also to observe material structure under metallographic microscope, or measure the hardness of the material by hardness tester.


Working Conditions:

  • The height is no more than 1000m;
  • The temperature of surrounding medium cannot be lower than -10ºC or over 40ºC;
  • The relative humidity of air should be no more than 85% (20ºC)
  • The voltage fluctuation should be no more than 15% and there should be no abvious vibration source around.
  • There should be no current conducting dust, explosive and corrosive air.


Technical Specifications:

JG-147 Parameters

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