JG-150 Double Head Automatic Metallographic Mounting Press

JG-150 a ZXQ-3

JG-150 b (ZXQ-3)

Equipment Usage:

  • Inlaying is a very important process of metallographic sample preparation, especially for some difficult holding tiny samples, irregularly shaped samples, or what needs for protecting edge and automatic grinding and polishing, inlaying is an essential step before sample preparation.
  • JG-150 Automatic double head mounting press is an advanced hydraulic water-cooling machine.
  • The whole process of inlaying is controlled by program, realizing one button operation of the process of heating, loading, holding, cooling and unloading.
  • No need for operation personnel on duty, automatically complete the sample inlaying.
  • JG-150 Automatic double head mounting press has solidified the inlaying program, especially suitable for thermosetting materials, such as electricity jade powder and Bakelite powder materials.
  • To use JG-150 Automatic double head mounting press makes your sample preparation work more easily and more labor-saving and the inlaying quality better and more stable.


Technical Specifications:

JG-150 Parameters




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