JG-138 Manual Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine

JG-138-60 (SQ-60, 80, 100)

Equipment Usage:

  • JG-138 series Manual Metallographic Specimen Cutting Machine can be used to cut various metal and non-metal materials so as to get specimen and observe the metallographic or lithofacies structure. It has cooling system so as to clear up the heat produced during cutting and avoid to burn the metallographic or lithofacies structure of specimen because of superheat. This machine features easy operation and reliable safety. It is the necessary specimen preparing instrument for using in factories, scientific research institutes and laboratories of colleges.



  • Fully enclosed structure
  • Quick clamping device (optional for JG-138-80/JG-138-100)
  • 50L cooling tank


Technical Specifications:

JG-138 Parameters


  • Common Clamp & Quick Clamp

JG-138 Details 1

JG-138 Details 2


  • Button

JG-138 Button


  • Machine Appearance

JG-138 Appearance

  • Side

JG-138 Side


  • Water and pump

JG-138 Water & Pump


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