About Us

We are pleased to introduce to you our company, Omnipotent Instruments Sdn. Bhd. established in August 2004, Corporation in Malaysia and to highlight our commitment in the Materials Testing and Environmental Testing Equipment business in Malaysia. We started provide more comprehensive services to our existing and new customer since August 2004. To date we have grown steadily and we would like to assure you that Omnipotent Instruments Sdn. Bhd. is aiming to provide not only our reliable products but also our best service in this region.


OMNIPOTENT INSTRUMENTS is a leading professional services that providing solution plan for material testing. The company specialized in selling, servicing, upgrading & modification testing instruments and provides resolutions on material testing, structure testing and finished products testing.

OMNIPOTENT INSTRUMENTS is specialist for destructive & non destructive tests for the auto parts industries, metal & iron, paper & corrugated box, rubber & plastic and wire & cable.

OMNIPOTENT INSTRUMENTS provide full series of middle & high end testing machines, such as universal electronic testing machine, impact testing machine, electro-hydraulic and hydraulic universal testing machine and so on, that can provide variety of analytical testing and solutions, such as vibration simulation analysis, earthquake simulation, hardness analysis fluorescence analysis, It can meet varies requirements from the national defense industry, commodity inspection, quality control, scientific research institutions, universities, enterprises, undertakings and other units in the material testing, structural testing and finished product testing machine needs, our clients throughout Malaysia, including Singapore and Indonesia, we now more than thousand customer.

OMNIPOTENT INSTRUMENTS not only providing first-class products, but also provide the quality service; we can provide profession help on your product quality and material developing…..

OMNIPOTENT INSTRUMENTS look forward to working with you to create a better future….


To be an enterprise with respective, reliable and employee can be proud of.

Business Aim
We mostly focus on the feeling of our customers; make our customers enjoy every test.

Be a main force in the national testing machine industry, and target on international standards

Management Ideas
Fully meet customers’ requirements, beyond technology, quality oriented.
Promote the life quality of employees; build the national brands with great efforts

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